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Topic: Apple MPEG-4 Audio will not stream Analog (Read 2018 times) previous topic - next topic
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Apple MPEG-4 Audio will not stream Analog

I have a bunch of these files that were ripped in iTunes from CD's.

Recently started streaming FLAC files using my OPPO BDP 103D analog direct, no processing by my AVP.

I am getting full HD audio with these.

However, when I stream the Apple files analog using same input they sound horrific, cut-outs, stammering audio, not listenable.

So I don't understand that.  If I stream them via HDMI using the process of the AVP they sound OK.

Can someone explain why this might happen.

And is there a batch Apple MP4 to FLAC file converter?

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Re: Apple MPEG-4 Audio will not stream Analog

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I don't know what the source of the problem is but for mass conversion I can really recommend XLD. From that page it looks like it's just command line but it has a useful GUI as well. What I often do is get it to transcode a bunch of files and while transcoding (usually from FLAC to aac in my case) I just drag more file to the queue and it will just add them at the end.

Here is its entry in the HA wiki.
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