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m3u8 extension

I'm trying to listen to a radio; the extension of the flow is m3u8.
Foobar indicates that the file type is not supported.
Any solution?
Thanks a bunch.

Re: m3u8 extension

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Sounds like the streams are in HLS format which foobar2000 doesn't support natively. You can make it work with foo_input_ffmpeg. It has a built-in profile for HLS that you just need to enable.

Re: m3u8 extension

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Thanks a bunch.
I won't be at home before the 20th of this month, but I will try then.

Re: m3u8 extension

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Trying to open m3u8 links as in here

ith no lack.

Drag-n-drop them in foobar playlist, which seems populated fine, but no play. There is always a popup
Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported format or corrupted file):

foo_input_ffmpeg is installed and configured.
Any ideas on this?

Re: m3u8 extension

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Can you play the stream(s) with some other player? The forum thread you linked mentioned VLC, but your link didn't work with VLC here even when I used a VPN connection to UK.

Re: m3u8 extension

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Same here also.
No VLC (VPN or not). But I have no idea about VLC (just tested it).

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