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WMA9 Pro issue with Foobar2000 and Win 10

I have handful of (old) DVD-Audio rips in my collection stored in multichannel lossless WMA9 format (I know, wrong choice). They all stopped working in Foobar2000 - all I hear is clicks. I do not know when exactly that happened but this is what I figured out:

- Windows Media Player and Groove Music apps can play WMA9 Pro tracks with no issues.
- Converting the tracks to FLAC did not help. The output track produced the same clicking sound.
- Tried other converters (DBPowerAmp and one other) with same clicking sound outcome

At the end I resolved it by installing Windows 7, Foobar2000 and converting tracks to FLAC there.

So it seems in Win10 the WMA9 Pro multichannel got somehow broken in some applications.

Re: WMA9 Pro issue with Foobar2000 and Win 10

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Indeed appears that the system decoder for WMA in Windows 10 is broken. WMP and Groove may include their own decoders or they use the Media Foundation decoder which potentially isn't affected.
If you still have the need to play those multichannel lossless WMAs in foobar2000 you can use foo_input_ffmpeg. Just add WMA profile with *.wma as the file type mask and make sure FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper has higher priority on Preferences -> Playback -> Decoding screen than the built-in WMA Stream Decoder. Or you can just disable built-in WMA decoder if you don't need tagging support.

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