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Global variables

Hello. Happy New Year 2019 to all.

I was spending a lot of time making complex conditional formats for album list and tracklist. And finally everything looks as I need. But I thought that there's lack of variables and later I saw that they are there (put, puts, get). But then I have to state variables inside the field code including all the long code. Of course the rules say that it helps, if you want to use code or simple phrase several times. But it could be more convenient to state global variables in options page and then use for example [$get(code1).][$get(code2)] in the needed field and if I want to change that code snippet I will go into variables and change only in one place. This is quite a tempting opportunity.

P.S. Found global variables feature in Columns UI playlist. But that will work only there.

Regards, Mike.
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Re: Global variables

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There's an older component called foo_exvar (extended variables). Perhaps it's useful.

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