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Install Rockbox on Xduoo X3 II

I have the Xduoo X3 II player, and am trying to install Rockbox on it. I found a couple sites:

I am not sure what I need after looking at these sites. What do I need to do with these files to have Rockbox installed on this device?

I am using Linux for an operating system.



Re: Install Rockbox on Xduoo X3 II

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I'm not entirely sure if it's the same or not but I have an X3 (note: it's not the same player as the X3 II) and Rockboxed it successfully. If you look on the first link you provided, there's a tab marked "Manual" which takes you to instructions, however it's titled "X3" and doesn't mention the X3 II so I'm confused as to whether the instruction apply to both devices.

You could search on the likes of Headfi to see if there's a thread for the mark II, there is definitely one for the X3 (non-mark II). Sorry I can't help more directly.

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