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ELPlaylist grouping

Hi guys,

I have two album folders with the same parent folder such as

   [1981] Bill Withers - Greatest Hits
   [1981] Queen - Greatest Hits

Unfortunately, in my ELPlaylist, two albums are listed in one group

How can I fix this?

Thanks all.

Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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Hey there,

I'm not familiar with ELPlaylist settings, but perhaps you can change the grouping and/or sorting pattern to include %album artist%? Someone else can probably point you to more specifics about that.

Here is an older thread with similiar question.


Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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I read this article before, it's not that helpful for my case.

Thanks anyway.


I did a trick to solve it.
Previously, group format was |||%album%, then I changed as %genre%|||%album% since two albums are tagged in different genres.

But in this case, I have to ensure the genres of tracks in the same album must be identical.
It might be a problem for a compilation album.

Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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Some questions first. Do you have subgroups in your playlist? ||| is meant to indicate a subgroup link (referenced in the group header script by %el_group_depth%). In other words is your playlist a static list or do you have subgroups that expand/collapse? If not (which is my impression from your screen shot) then you don't need ||| in your group format script.
Secondly, how exactly do you want to group? Your initial script |||%album% (which imho makes little sense since you have a subgroup defined as album but no grouping above it) merely groups by album so all albums with the same name get grouped together without any distinction of artist because for some reason you don't want to group by artist or album artist first.

Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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Thanks for the reply.

Definitely, in the initial script |||%album%, subgroup indicator was not needed.

And as I mentioned above, I have two album folders listed next to each other, both album names are "Greatest Hits" but from different artists. So, if I only use %album% to group up, two albums are listed in the same group. And if I use %artist% %album%, other groups will be messed up. All I wanted was separate these two albums which is supposed to be.

Although, the subgroup feature is not scripted under Group header sector, but it helps me to separate since two albums are tagged in different genres.

Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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Try %album artist% %album%

If it's still messed up you need to clean up your collection and make sure everything is tagged correctly especially conceirning the use of %album artist% (for compilations and such where different artists in one album need to be grouped together).
If you stick with %genre% %album% as soon as you have two albums with the same name and genre they will be grouped together again. The fact that Queen and Bill Withers are separated is coincidence since one is soul music and the other is rock. Throw in a greatest hits of The Rolling Stones and you're back to square one.

Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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Tried %album artist% %album% and %album artist%|||%album% before, it's not working on albums with the same %artist% and different %album artist%.
This coincidence just made me crazy. And it's highly impossible to have an issue because of %genre%|||%album% since my collection amount is limited, I guess.

Thanks all your help.

Re: ELPlaylist grouping

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Tried %album artist% %album% and %album artist%|||%album% before, it's not working on albums with the same %artist% and different %album artist%.

You misunderstand. It should be the other way around, album artist needs to be the same and artist different if you want those grouped together. %album artist% is the top grouping level, not %artist%.  Seems to me you have no idea what album artist is for and how to use it. But if you're happy with what you got now I guess just leave it like that.

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