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Sound Volume Equalization?

I'm not exactly sure what to call this, much less what to search for.  Figured I'd throw that out before someone tells me to use Google.

I don't know if there's an auto term for this but basically when I'm listening to different albums, the max volume is different, and I have to keep turning the sound up and down because one album is louder than the other.

Is there a tool out there that can be configured to provide more balance to my music's various volumes?  If so, please link me.

Re: Sound Volume Equalization?

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^ And for usage in foobar -

Select all tracks of an album and right-click > ReplayGain > 'Scan as single album' > Update File Tags.

(This will not alter the audio of your files, it simply adds tags with volume adjustment info)

Then set which mode to use, under File menu > Preferences > Playback > ReplayGain -

'Source mode' : by playback order (most useful)
'Processing' : apply gain and prevent clipping according to peak (safest)

And you might like to add RG fields to the status bar or playlist to see the volume difference -

[Album %replaygain_album_gain%] [Track %replaygain_track_gain%]

Cheers ;)

Re: Sound Volume Equalization?

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The component does nothing to your files, so there's nothing to "undo". You need to add it to your active DSPs for it to do its magic. : )
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