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cmd /hide does not hide to tray

Hi there,

I'm on win8.1 and using the preference* that "close hides", i.e. the [X] sends the window into the system tray, (i.e. the music keeps playing, but the program doesn't show up on the taskbar anymore). However, I can not recreate this behavior with the commandline. I have tried to invoke the command /hide but it'll just minimize the window to the taskbar, but will not hide to the system tray. When giving the /exit command, the whole program shut down (and thus, the music stops playing). Is there a command that only just hides to system tray?  Such as a /close command or something?

(note, the setting "minimize hides, close exits" will send the window to the system tray when invoking "/hide", but I strongly dislike that setting)

Thanks, orkie

*the setting can be found under preferences>display>default user interface>background and notifications

Re: cmd /hide does not hide to tray

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I've faced the same issue.
I'm using a global shortcut for `View/Activate or hide` action.
Also I have `Default User Interface / Background and Notifications / Window minimize and close -> Close hides` option enabled.

Previously when I pressed my hotkey combination and hided the main window, it was removed from taskbar to the system tray.
Now it just hangs in the toolbar.
Only when I close the window, it moves to the tray.

Is there any way to have the previous logic back?

Re: cmd /hide does not hide to tray

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Any info about this problem?
I got same thing, can't minimize to tray with "activate or hide" action if I select "close hides". If I select "minimize hides, close exits" then "activate or hide" works fine, but I can't set "close hides to tray". There was both behaviors before 1.4.

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