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How to draw album art to dialog?

Hi, forum!

What I am doing is loading album art from some tracks in user's library, then showing them on a dialog.
It seems like I should use album_art_manager_v3::open_v3(), and query() to get album art data from tracks.

Now I have two questions:

1. What is the proper, recommended way to draw(render) the album art data to the dialog?
I know this question may look too easy, but I am a newbie in WTL. And I could not find any example about loading and drawing album art in fb2k.

2. open_v3() takes a list of metadb_handle as a parameter, which means the manager will open multiple album art for multiple tracks. In contrast, query() returns a single album_art_data_ptr, and does not take any index-like parameter.
How should I process the returned pointer of query()? Or am I supposed to use open_v3() for single track only?

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