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Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

Suggesting/requesting a refresh option to be added to Foobar2000

Thought about a button, but I feel like a menu option would be a better idea. I'm still open on the idea of a button.

Re: Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

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Refresh what?

Re: Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

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The main window. To keep the displayed information up to date.

Re: Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

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In general the displayed information is up to date automatically. In which case does it not happen for you?

Re: Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

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When adding front cover artwork.

Re: Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

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Is this the sort of thing you're after? There's two options under the right click "tagging" menu for reloading info from files (I can't remember if they're enabled by default).

If a button is created for the purpose and the files in question are in a playlist and you click on a playlist tab before clicking the button, all the files in the playlist are "refreshed", otherwise you can reload the info for just selected files.

Re: Suggestion - Refresh Option/Button

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Just re why forced refresh can be useful, if the tags have been edited in a program that supports retaining the original date modified timestamp (such as Mp3Tag, optionally, there may be others) then the 'Reload info from file(s)' (not the 'if changed' variant) existing context menu item is handy since foobar2000 doesn't detect such changes automatically (if added to the file itself, external cover art is obviously different).

Any such menu items can also be added as a toolbar button manually or bound to a hotkey.

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