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linux: cd-extras/mixed mode

so, i found an old thread (2005), dealing with a linux tool + i could still compile and run it, but it really takes ages to proceed.

what is the preferred (native) way to preserve a mixed mode data track under linux these days?

Re: linux: cd-extras/mixed mode

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You could also just rip it as raw/2352, then use the ecm/unecm tool pair to reduce its file size. The so-called Error Code Modeler, basically scans for matching sectors of all the supported formats of CDROM sectors, and detects those with correctly matching EDC/ECC bits, and strips those off in the resulting .ecm image. The unecm tool can then regenerate the EDC/ECC data for those sectors on extract. Any non-matching EDC and/or ECC data is preserved as raw blocks of data.

Re: linux: cd-extras/mixed mode

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thanks a lot kode54, will try what you suggested.

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