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WMA music file tags

I am a new user of Foobar2000. After installing the software I imported a large collection of classical music WMA files which I have built up over the years. The tags are all there, populated, in the original files but I cannot see how to display them in the columns in a playlist.

To clarify, the columns I want in a play list are:
- track number (from the album)
- track length (duration)
- bit rate
- composer
- track title
- track artist
- genre

By default, Foobar2000 seems to concatenate track title and track artist, which is useless to me because I have multiple performances of many classical works and most works have several 'tracks' (i.e. movements); I need them separate. Moreover, some of the columns I want do not seem to be available at all (e.g. composer, genre). How can I get the software to display the columns I want? 

Re: WMA music file tags

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Hi there,

It depends a little on which user interface (Default UI or Columns UI?) and which Playlist Viewer component you are using, if not the default. You can setup custom columns for the default viewer by going File menu > Preferences > Display > Default UI > Playlist View - see the wiki page.

So you would use [%composer%] as the pattern for that tag. (Put in square brackets so it only displays when the field is present). On the playlist, right-click column headers to choose which columns.

The link above from mjm716 is a more advanced version of Help menu > Title Formatting Help. See also, Title Formatting Introduction and Examples.

You might eventually like a few components with more view options. Have a look at Facets for a (DUI) column-based Library Viewer, and SimPlaylist / SimPlaylist Manager for more playlist grouping levels and additional statistics. (See the documentation links)

Cheers 8)

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