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Cue Ripper and pre emphasis

I have some old Denon CDs that are described in various forums as having pre emphasis and CUE Ripper is supposed to detect pre emphasis flags both in TOC and subcode.
One of these CDs I have is Valery Afanassiev - Bach, das Wohltemperierte Klavier. The disc is detected as having pre emphasis in dbpoweramp, but not in CUE Ripper.
Do I have to turn on pre emphasis detection anywhere?

Re: Cue Ripper and pre emphasis

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Unfortunately, not all CDs are made correctly ... what does CUERipper do if the TOC is flagged as pre-emphasis and the subcode is not? Obey the subcode?

But listen to it. Is it overly bright?
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Re: Cue Ripper and pre emphasis

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Thanks guys
Detect indexes = true is turned on. However the disc is not listed as having pre-emphasis. Where on the screen would I see if it was?
Luckily the highs were so overly bright, that it was obvious.

Re: Cue Ripper and pre emphasis

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Not on the GUI, will be specified in the CUE sheet after ripping by FLAGS PRE command.
edit: you can actually view the .CUE file shortly after index detection is complete.

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