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Re: foo_dsp_effect

thanks for reminding me. I should do that.
Lol. Totally dig and concur with the changes you did.
The way you author the controls in these dialogs reminds many a developer that accessibility really is a silent necessity.
Just curious; You don't know who did the Foo_XGEQ component, do you?
I politely ask because on getting an updated edition, i saw a pleasantly different dialog to configure things.
Sure the sighties can scroll their cheese-loving mice along the scrollbars...
But the developer gave those of us who really don't have time for sliders a huge hand by listing the 31 frequency bands in a drop-down list with its attached value next door to it in the WS_TabStop order.
The "Auto" section has been enhanced to also do this too. Its only difference is just the slider showing the position indicator (The edit box is next door to that).
Late note about Foo_XGEQ: No more "forgetful" dialog box to import/export a preset; These dialog pointers were updated to use the modern dialog concept, now allowing you to be right in the folder of your presets proper to import or export one.
I kinda ponder if there's been a bit of an accessibility convention inside between 'Foo_' component devs, lol.
It's working; These components are feeling more honest than they've ever felt before. :P

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