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[I'M A JACKASS] Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?

Do you think that she would be keen on configuring software? Do you think she would be keen on editing metadata? Let me clear your doubts. On both questions answer is "big fat NO". I've never seen a girl/woman wanting to configure anything. This is the reason why so many usual apps are so dumb, non configurable and their authors make decisions what is best for users without asking them - reason is that those apps are used also by girls/women (iTunes, wmp, etc.). Metadata? Tags? Are you sure your girlfriend even knows about their existence? Even if yes, because her boyfriend told her about it - do you think she cares? No, she doesn't. And for sure she would not bother to force "her tagging philisophy" on your collection. I speak with my own experience as well with experience of my 2 close friends, who also like to have everything configured and tagged right and our wifes/girlfriends only look on us with pity when we start discussion about such topics.

Making foobar non-configurable is strictly against its basic philisophy. You can configure almost everything and app will do nothing that it was not explicitly asked for. You ask to add to foobar some hacky options to change this basic behavior, which makes foobar so much game changing app.

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