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Dealing with huge Wavpack files

I have just started dealing with third order ambisonic recordings, where 24/48 19 channel files run up against the 4 GB .wav size limit in around 25 minutes.  The software I am using (Zylia Studio) allows me to record for longer periods in Wavpack format, but I am having trouble handling the 6 GB Wavpack files generated in the 1 1/2 to 2 hour sessions I record.  What I would like to do is find some software that I can load these large .wv files into and then cut into ~24 minute pieces, and convert those to 19 channel .wav files.

I am new to Reaper, which loads smaller .wv files okay, but when I tried a 6GB file it played okay in the Reaper Media Explorer panel but did not show up in the Track Control Panel.  If Reaper will handle such files, a step-by-step how to for dummies would really be appreciated!


Re: Dealing with huge Wavpack files

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Reaper has a forum over at Regards.

Re: Dealing with huge Wavpack files

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If there's an issue with Reaper handling large WavPack files it would definitely be worth letting them know over there. Justin has been very supportive of WavPack from the beginning, and they are definitely using the latest version of the library.

Another thing you could try is to use the command-line wvunpack program to convert your giant WavPack files into a standard format. While standard WAV files do have that 4 GB limit, WavPack will automatically generate an RF64 file if the allowed size is exceeded, or you can force the unpacker to generate .W64 files which Reaper also accepts. When you use the --wav or --w64 options with wvunpack it will also generate fresh headers in case Zylia Studio is not providing a valid one.

Something else you might try is Adobe Audition. I wrote the WavPack plugin for that and have specifically tested  it with huge files with many channels, so I know it's pretty robust that way. Unfortunately they don't have a free trial, so you might have to buy a month to try it out (although I think you can get your money back if it doesn't work out).

Good luck!

Re: Dealing with huge Wavpack files

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IIRC an ancient version of audition (or cool edit) was officially made freeware, I've seen it somewhere but I am not sure

but do you need a full blown wave editor for your end goal? maybe there are simpler ways.
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Re: Dealing with huge Wavpack files

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magicgoose I think that you are referring to audition 3.0, but it was not made officially free and is in a grey area. Actually you can go to the Adobe website and download (without registering) all of CS2 including audition and install then with the keys that are in the download page, here is the grey area: is intended to people that purchased it but as Adobe provides the download and the key to anyone can install the full version without paying.

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