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Topic: Difficulties with configuring FB2K for DSD/ASIO playback (Read 254 times) previous topic - next topic
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Difficulties with configuring FB2K for DSD/ASIO playback

The DAC on my new Unison Research Due CD player will play DSD64 and 128 files and, I have a reasonable collection of DSD64 files I would like to play, but I am having trouble configuring Foobar as instructed in the CD player manual.  I have completed the ASIO set up for playing HD PMC files without problem, but I am stuck with DSD.  The instructions do not seem to match what I get when I download the files I am told:

I am instructed to install a DL for SACD compatibility from the Sourceforge website (  I am told the zip contains 2 executable files - one to install the component for SACD ISO files compatibility and one proxy file to send DSD to compatible audio devices (my DC player).  I think these should be ASIOProxyinstall.exe and foo_input_sacd.dll (but not sure).  However there only seems to be one executable file in the zip - ASIOProxyInstall 0.9.4.exe and a readme file - there is no sign of the foo_input_sacd.dll.

Is this because I am downloading a later version of the zip than was used for the CD player instructions, or am I missing an important step (easily done for me!!)

I have tried the foobar for dummies instructions and still had no luck and the exaSound config instructions as well - must be me!

I would be very grateful for any help.


Re: Difficulties with configuring FB2K for DSD/ASIO playback

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Further to my first post on this request for help.  After yet another try to configure I have again come to halt.  I am able to install the foo_out_asio.fb2K-component file OK, but when I try to install the foo_input_sacd-0.6.6zip file I am told  '' Could not load component "": Unsupported format or corrupted file ''.

Is this because it is unsupported by the latest version of Foobar 1.4.1 ?  Do I need to try and install an earlier version of Foobar (if this is possible) if the latest version will not deal with DSD?

May be it is just that foobar no longer supports DSD at all ??

Again - thanks for any help


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