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Components website changes, 2018-11-27

  • The accepted component file size limit has been raised from 4MB to 16MB.
  • You can now make a component unlisted - accessible by direct link but not visible when browsing components.

Re: Components website changes, 2018-11-27

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Nice. Hopefully this then allows components like foo_youtube to be uploaded.

Re: Components website changes, 2018-11-27

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Here's a joke for you: There was a brief period where I had increased the limit from 4MB to 5MB, because foo_input_vgmstream grew. Guess what? It only grew because I forgot that my FFmpeg binaries needed to be stripped, and thus it shrank back down to under 4MB again.


Re: Components website changes, 2018-11-27

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@Peter: thanks!

A small suggestion: is it possible to add a download count for vanity's sake? =) (and to evaluate whether the component is needed at all...)
It would be fine even it's only visible from internal `components page` (i.e. the one with login).

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