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Muting speakers only

In my listening room I have my speakers, with my Galaxy phone as my source; using the built-in Chromecast Audio (CCA) chip in the receiver (Onkyo 8270). This is perfect when I want to use the speakers.

However if I want to use my headphones I have to go to my receiver and plug in the headphones; I cannot leave the  headphones plugged into the receiver because that mutes the speakers. In fact I have a seperate system for headphone use; again phone as source to a stand alone CCA to a DAC then the output to my headphones. I then turn off the receiver and use the headphone CCA setup instead.

I guess that, without "hacking" the receiver's headphone socket (I think most if not all receivers use this headphone output method; anyway this is a fairly new receiver so changing is not really an option), I am stuck with my seperate headphone system?

Ok so not a big deal but I would like to reduce the amount of gear I have.

Any advice please?

Re: Muting speakers only

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I can't work out what it is you want to do? Your receiver has a headphone socket so why can't you use that?

Edit:, understood now, but why is it such a problem unplugging the headphones?

Re: Muting speakers only

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The receiver is not in the listening room - wakes up via CCA and wifi; should have made this clearer in my post. Speaker/headphone cables  go through discrete holes in walls.

Re: Muting speakers only

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Have to think about the expense; would reduce the amount of gear though.

Re: Muting speakers only

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Following your suggestion of the Canopener I re-read my headphone manual; Sennheiser RS80. I see that they can take the RCA output from an amplifier; have run a RCA cable from Zone 2 output on my Onkyo 8270 receiver and set the attenuation to -8db. Used Onkyo setup to make PlayZone:Zone2

However now met the Onkyo user nightmare. Can get the DAB tuner, am in UK,  the CCA and CD player to work in Main Zone and headphones via hp socket.

However getting anything to work in Zone 2, the multiroom  facility, fails. (I once tried to get a memory stick to work in Main; that also failed)

Not only is it difficult to get things to work on the receiver but there is no Uk/European Onkyo forum; there was but no more. So register with US Onkyo forum. This seems difficult. I am recognised shown as logged in under my username. But cannot get to any actual forums. It keeps saying " Before you may continue browsing the board you are required to change your password." Which I have done. Guess it does not like my UK serial number.

Have found some Onkyo contact form; now completed but not hopeful.

If anyone can offer any assistance I would be grateful.

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