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Show the content of a txt file

I know some time ago it was possible to show the content of a txt file:
is it still possible today?


Re: Show the content of a txt file

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in WSH/JS/Spider Monkey panels there is a text reader - it will automatically display any text file in the folder of selected/now playing or user defined path.

1. install one of those and open new panel.
2. paste this text in the panel: %profile%\user-components\[ whichever panel you installed ]\samples\complete\text reader.txt

Re: Show the content of a txt file

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When you say "paste ... in the panel" do you mean to paste this:
"%profile%\user-components\foo_jscript_panel\samples\complete\text reader.txt"
into the "Jscript Panel Configuration" window?

If yes, should I clear the content before pasting or just append the string to the end?

I had a look into the folder "%profile%\user-components\foo_jscript_panel\samples\"
but I con't see the "complete" folder, nor the "text reader.txt" file: do I miss anything?

Yes I do, I'm on Jscript Panel 1.0.7 (Foobar 1.3.8) and I think the text reader was added with
does anybody have the latest Jscript 1 component, please? The links on Github are dead.


Re: Show the content of a txt file

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If you use JSPanel, you need to remove the use component folder entirely and reinstall the latest version - that will ensure that the latest sample appear in that folder.

However JSPanel does not seem to be developed anymore! Alternately check these requirements for Spider Monkey Panel and use it instead:

It is a newer JSPanel and the crazy name is only a reference to the faster version of js that it now runs.

When you install the panel, a code-editing window will automatically pop-up. Simply replace ALL text in that window with the sample.txt you would like to see. The panel should display the sample as soon as you click OK.

control/right-click the window and choose 'configure' to try/paste another sample.txt. Don't worry about mistakes-the window will give you an error if something goes wrong, and I've yet to see it cause any FB errors.

Re: Show the content of a txt file

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Thank you for your detailed explanation.

I would rather not install the latest version of the panel because
I read that it would disrupt older (v1.x) configurations.

Maybe I will try that with a new FB installation but for now I don't have time to migrate
so I renew my request for the latest v1.x of Jscript panel that I couldn't find by myself.


Re: Show the content of a txt file

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Hi there,

Here is the JScript Panel wiki on Github, where there is a "releases" link for the newest version (2.1.8 ) which you may be able to use, or on the right side menu, an "older versions" link (1.3.22) - they download ok for me.

Re: Show the content of a txt file

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Downloaded, installed, configured and working.

Thank you again.

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