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Can you remove loop data with foobar2000?

I was curious to know if there was any way to remove loop data from an audio file using foobar2000.

I often listen to rips of video game audio, but occasionally I'll come across ones that either loop for a needlessly long time or the song in question clearly wasn't meant to loop in the first place and thus the transition sounds really off.

The files I've seen that do have loop data list "LOOP_START" and "LOOP_END" under the file's properties, but I can't seem to edit those manually. Someone recommended trying out quicktagger and tagbox, but neither seemed to be capable of removing loop data unless I was simply doing it wrong.

Re: Can you remove loop data with foobar2000?

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Report bugs on the Github tracker, and be sure to @bnnm while you're at it, since he seems to be one of the most active contributors.

Again, it's more designed for just listening to tracks as-is, not altering them.

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