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Need compile "foo_winamp_spam" plugin

Hi, friends!

There is very convenient utility of maintaining the database of the disks - MuzCat.
Found in base tracks/tracks it is possible to execute in different players. The author of MuzCat has added Foobar2000 still.

Two lacking functions were added into foo_winamp_spam wrapper. These functions are necessary for correct display and playing of the list of tracks.

Watch the website of the author:
and discussion on RU-BOARD forum:

The help in compilation of the foo_winamp_spam component is necessary.
Visual Studio refuses to compile "Release"-mode of dll  with "an unknown mistake".
However it is possible to compile "Debug"-version. But such version works slowly and not absolutely correctly.

Source codes of a component is - .
SDK Foobar2000 - .

Help to compile the project, please.

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