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[TOS #5/2] Re: Is it all bull**** now?

My mantra is: I'd rather have a 9000$ CD collection playing on a 1000$ audio system, than a 1000$ CD collection playing on a 9000$ audio system. Because in the end, if my tech budget is eating up my music budget, then what's the point of getting an audio setup in the first place.
On the face of it this seems an eminently sensible attitude. More music to choose from = good.

But when you think about it, 90% of everything is crud - and this applies as much to music as anything else. There are people out there with enormous music collections, much of which they will never have time to listen to. Whatever happened to prizing quality over quantity? I'd rather have a few hundred really good albums playing on a really good system than thousands (of varying merit), the cost of which has limited the quality of the system I can afford to buy.

Well, I'm a classical music aficionado myself. My interest in music ranges from 14th century troubadour songs, Renaissance polyphonic, Baroque music, the Classical and Romantic periods all the way to modern movie and game soundtracks. I have practically the entire history of western music to choose from so I'm not worried about running out of music any time soon.

As far as crud goes. Well, you rarely encounter any legitimately bad music in pre-19th century classical music.
Before the digital era there was actually a selection process for composers and musicians because they had to be employed by the church, the king or a castellan. And copying music was an expensive and labour intensive process which had to be justified by the merits of the composition.

Nowadays music is practically generated by computers which use statistical analysis to figure out what is going to be a hit (which is why you find so little variety in modern popular music). And as our society is undergoing a state of cultural decline, the public has abandoned quality standards as a whole, which is why it's now hip and trendy to be as crass and vulgar as possible.
And if all else fails there are always government subsidies to be had for "starving artists", thus rewarding their incompetence and lack of talent.

As far as mortality and time constraints go. I'm 22 now, and I'm a strong believer in the fact that extreme life extension technologies will become available within my lifetime. So I'm not worried about that now, ask me again in 40 years :D
I left Hydrogenaudio because of the asshole moderators. I recommend everyone do the same thing if they don't want to be insulted and berated by self important little pricks who just delete your comments if they don't agree with your opinions. Bye Bye!

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