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Foobar2000 hides after writing tags

If I have anything open at all on the desktop behind Foobar2000, Foobar 2000 will 'disappear' when a tag writing operation completes. If there's nothing behind it on the desktop it remains visible.

It's the same on 1.4 final and 1.4.1 beta 2.

I'm on Windows 10, and it's possible that this has only started happening since I updated to version 1809. It's even possible that it only started happening with the 'fixed' version of 1809, build 55, but I'm not sure.


Re: Foobar2000 hides after writing tags

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Probably that is problem with win10 1809. It doesn't happen on win10 1803, foobar v1.4 beta 2
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Re: Foobar2000 hides after writing tags

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It is a bug in Windows 10 1809 window management.

It is now apparently impossible/illegal to have multiple levels of popup windows where one is a parent of another.
Right now, the main foobar2000 window is the parent of the properties dialog, and the properties dialog is the parent of the tag update progress dialog. When the progress dialog disappears, the main window is incorrectly moved behind other windows.

The only mitigation I could come up with is to make the progress dialog owned by the main window - but then you can bring the properties dialog in front of the progress dialog which is not what I had in mind.
Let's wait and see if this gets fixed by a Windows update. Certainly there are other apps affected by this, not just foobar2000.

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