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Re: [seemingly abandonware] iPod manager

There is one behaviour about the iPod Classic [7th generation w/160GB] that I do not like. By default [or maybe it's the only way it works], if there is only one album for an artist, when you click on that artist the tracks for that one album are immediately displayed. I would like to see that album name and art displayed first [the way it would be if there was more than one album] and then, of course, I could select that album to see the tracks.

Is there anyway using the foo_dop to change this behaviour? Or, maybe some other MOD?

Re: Re: [seemingly abandonware] iPod manager

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[I am confused. I thought @musicmusic took over this topic? And, more recent replies had been made? What am I missing?]
Anyway, I used the "Compilation" tag in two different albums: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (soundtrack)" and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (soundtrack)". Only the latter displays in my iPod, Music>Compilation menu option? What am I missing?


Re: [seemingly abandonware] iPod manager

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How did you set the compilation flag? Any differences in their artist and album artist tags?

(I think you just found a stray post BTW, the main topic is here.)

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