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Memory Error w/ Playlist Statistics

While rating songs with playlist statistics, one after another in quick succession. Foobar2000 freezes and anything that is written to the disc when closing the application is corrupted (theme files, index data, playlist stats.)
Often a complete restart of the computer is needed to resolve leftover issues.

I have had this error occur 6 times so far and I seem to be able to recreate it by listening to a song for less than 5 seconds, giving it a rating, switching to the next song and listening for less than 5 seconds then rating it...
Basically, play then rate; play then rate; play then rate; play then rate... etc.
If I repeat this process for about 50+ songs I get the error.

Re: Memory Error w/ Playlist Statistics

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It sounds like a system problem. Especially since you need to reboot the computer. Only drivers or other kernel code could continue misbehaving after the program is closed.

But nothing can be done without knowing more details. Which OS, which foobar2000 version, what settings have been adjusted related to playback statistics, what file format are you dealing with (in case you have set the ratings to be written to tags), where are the files located (NAS, internal hard drive, floppy disks?), what kind of problems do you have that require reboot?


Re: Memory Error w/ Playlist Statistics

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Windows 10 x64 OS build 17134.345 16GB RAM
Foobar2000 v1.4
Playlist Statistics v3.0.2 - default settings, ratings are not being written to tags
SimPlaylist v1.0 for playlist view
FLAC audio files
mTags for media files
Facets 1.0

The Files are located on an internal hard drive, not the same drive as the OS.

I'm not entirely sure that foobar2000 closes properly. When this error happens and I close the application but my system is very laggy and memory usage remains high until restart. After restarting the machine and opening Foobar2000 again I get an error stating that the program didn't close properly and prompts if I would like to start foobar2000 in safe mode.
After starting normally I get a warning saying the theme file was corrupt and couldn't be opened.
All playlist statistic information will be missing along with actual playlists.

HDD tests and RAM test suggest that my hardware is fine and nothing else seems to be having issues with my system.

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