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Can VST display location upon launch be changed?

I use the default interface. When I launch a VST component they launch in the upper left hand corner. This obstructs the top part of the interface, where the playback functions are in located. Can the location of where the VST components are displayed upon launch be changed?


Re: Can VST display location upon launch be changed?

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OK, since no one has replied I'll start listing the ways I identify to get the controls to the bottom of the screen as I come across them, in case any other beginner needs them.

First I set control shortcuts on my keyboard, which doesn't move the controls on the screen, but still worthwhile. This is done by: File --> Preferences --> Keyboard shortcuts.  However, I want this the feature to be available if I use a touch screen.

The first I found is Foobar Advanced Controls. Tiny controllers that appear on the right hand side of the toolbar in Windows7.
Second, is Deskband Controls 3.6.1, which appears also on the right hand side, although a lot larger. I haven't figured out how to move it within the Toolbar, only how to float it elsewhere, which could be handy, too.

Third way of getting basic controls I discovered only after a while. I had placed the launch icon for Foobar in Windows7 Toolbar at the bottom of my page. Hovering the cursor a the Foobar toolbar displays play, next, previous, and what looks like search.

I also believe it's possible to move the controls to the bottom of the page using Columns Interface. I haven't figured how yet, though.

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