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Newbie in foobar

Hello ppl, i'm a winamp fanboy since the old times and everytime i tried foobar i never get the library to work as i want.

Basically my music folder structure is;
>MP3 Folder
      >Genre 1
           >Artist - Album - Year - ID (release name, ripping method or other stuff)
      >Genre 2

Then on my winamp plugin i see the albuns like this:

Is there any easy config to do the same in foobar?


Re: Newbie in foobar

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Hi there,

Folder structure perhaps does not matter as music is generally sorted by tags (although you can use folders).

Try the foo_facets plug-in to have a column based library view. You could make a column that combines %artist% - %album% rather than having them in separate columns. Then enable multiple columns and add a %date% one. See the documentation for help.

Cheers 8)

Re: Newbie in foobar

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thanks for the help...the problem is "just" to use de folder name as an item on library, the year on another column it's not a problem for me.

i want the library to detect folder with media and add them to library parsin the folder name (artist - album - year - stuff)

Re: Newbie in foobar

Reply #3's was so simple as put "%_directoryname%|%tracknumber%. %artist% - %title%" as view script.

next step will be to parse one by one...

$puts(index, $strstr(%_directoryname%,' - ')) >
$put(artista, $substr(%_directoryname%,0,index)) >
$puts(resto, $substr(%_directoryname%,index, $len(%_directoryname%)))

$puts(index, $strstr($get(resto),' - '))
$put(album, $substr($get(resto),0,index))
$puts(resto, $substr($get(resto),$get(index), $len($get(resto))))

$puts(index, $strstr($get(resto),' - '))
$put(year, $substr($get(resto),0,index))
$put(resto, $substr($get(resto),$get(index), $len($get(resto))))

not working but i'll get there.

thanks anamorphic to alert me to documentation from a component!

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