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Default Spectrum Analyzer requests from a newcomer

Hi all,

I'm already using Foobar2000 since 2 years now but the Spectrum analyzer at the bottom drives me crazy.

1. There's no frequency scale with 160 bands, just with 80 bands and below

2. Whenever there's a frequency band there, it begins at 50Hz. Is this normal ?  :( I'd assume at least 20Hz here and maybe 10Hz for audiophile-wannabe-insane-movie-subsonic-playing-whatever guys.

3. Am I the only one bothered by this ...

4. ... and the user-unfriendly accessibility of the factory EQ ? (User -> DSP -> Equalizer) ...

5. ... and the EQ's limitation to 55Hz ?

So what's this 50-55Hz fetish here ? Seems like we have nothing below that but I still can hear some noise below 50Hz  ;D which I would correct a little bit with the factory EQ due to room conditions and also because I'm using Foobar also on my hobby 2.1 computer "hi-fi" (low-fi) and it would be nice to compensate out it's resonance frequencies.

Thank you and keep up the good job, otherwise a very good player without the stupid eye-candy many others have.

6. Oh yes. Linux support. Come ooooooon ... !! Pleeeeeeeaseeeee. Nobody out there from the Linux world to jump in for a 100% functioning and possibly exact Foobar2000 fork in Linux ? All the alternatives I saw were faaaaar from the original. Some meant to be a good replacement but it's like artificial sweeteners: just not really the same. Ummm... bad example... wait... OK, here we are: they're like f*ing in condom. Not the same, right ?

And the hassle with Wine, ahhh  :(

Re: Default Spectrum Analyzer requests from a newcomer

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Check out musical spectrum component. It is very customizable and supports frequencies down to 16Hz.
foobar2000 plays music


Re: Default Spectrum Analyzer requests from a newcomer

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I would agree on the 50Hz limit, but from the original posting I don't see the problem with 60 spectrum bands (I'm using 80).

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