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Option to start foobar NOACTIVE

Sometimes, while playing a game, I want to listen to some mp3's using foobar2000 :D. So I managed to start it with a global hotkey but unfortunately foobar is always returning to the desktop an sets the focus to the mainwindow. Most of the time not a big problem, but some games may crash losing the focus. So it would be very nice if we could have the option to start foobar with the SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE or SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE flag!

I tracked a possible "fix" down to foo_ui_std.dll (calling SetWindowPlacement() to show the window), but since the dll is DEP + ASLR protected, there is no way to change something... at least for me ;)

cheers, chi

My first post here btw... Do I have to mention how awesome foobar is? :P

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