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Boombox theme install v1.4

By popular demand  8)  I am releasing my portable fb1.4 setup. Some screen shots can be found here.
Note that as this is a DUI setup, some of the display elements will inherit colours from your Windows theme, so the final look may be somewhat diferent.
All you need to do is install the font, unpack the archive and point it to your music library.

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Re: Boombox theme install v1.4

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Thanks,But “foo_plorg” can't Installation.

Re: Boombox theme install v1.4

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You can remove it - it is not used.
I have installed it but later replaced it with the SimPlayList Manager.

Re: Boombox theme install v1.4

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I learn from you,Thanks.
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Re: Boombox theme install v1.4

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I do not believe that you have obtained the permission to redistribute all the binaries included in your "theme" from their respective authors. Please do so before posting it again. Until then, file has been removed.

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