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Feature/component request: Bandcamp support

here's an idea that maybe someone capable could realize:
a component that can retrieve songs/albums from Bandcamp's urls, and decode them in order to play in Foobar.

I think, in my absolute ignorance, that it can be somehow possible, since something similar (to me) happens with Bubbleupnp for Android: when I share an album from Bandcamp app to Bubbleupnp, Bubbleupnp can see and play (and stream) the songs in it.

Do you think it is doable (with desktop Foobar)?
Somebody else thinks it would be useful?

Thank you

Re: Feature/component request: Bandcamp support

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I came here looking for this very thing. I mainly want to be able to scrape the Location and save it in a tag. This information isn't generally stored in any other database (discogs or musicbrainz)

This is the format of the code snippet on every bandcamp page:
<span class="location secondaryText">City, Country</span>

Seems like this could be easy to do but I have 0 coding knowledge or skills.

Re: Feature/component request: Bandcamp support

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Actually now that I reread your post it sounds like you want to play music straight from bandcamp through foobar. Totally different thing, though my original request stands as well. Sorry!

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