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help with playlists search

I haven't found anything around about this... Two things I'm trying to do with Foobar and cannot understand how (or if it is even possible):
- is there a way to search througout ALL PLAYLISTS (not the library: my list of albums is populated mainly by online items, retrieved in youtube via foo_youtube component)? With Ctrl+F (Playlist search) it focuses the research only in the active playlist.
- is it possibile somehow to search the playlist's name? I mean, not the name of the file (since there is no file: as I said, most of my items are "urls" from youtube), the name that I gave to the playlist in Foobar.

OS: windows 10
Foobar2000 version: v1.3.17

Thank you,

Re: help with playlists search

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Hi there,

Not sure these are possible with standard foobar. Have a look at foo_quicksearch plug-in might do the trick.

Cheers 8)

Re: help with playlists search

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Thank you,
I tried it, and it is not the best solution: it does search throughout the entire playlists collection BUT
- it doesn't find the playlist's titles (it focuses only on the songs)
- and it creates another playlist with the items found (which makes no sense to me, since I want to find in my playlists collection an already existing playlist)... What seems more logical to me would be a search window where a list of results appears, and by clicking to the wanted item, the focus jumps where the item is (or it highlights it) in its actual position.

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