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Design Change Requests "detailed"

Hi, i'd like to request some little changes to the layout of all the integretaed foobar modules. Make it a little but more unified.

i'll explain via an screenshot example.

Example one

If you look closely to the bottom right corner at the bottom of the "album list" module, there is this "View" section which displays the current media library listing option. In my example it says: "list by folder structure"

On that module i'd like to request a change of the structure of that section. Place the description which says "View" infront of the dropdown menu. as example: on the bottom left there is the replay order and replay gain and dsp module. on all of them the description of what it is/does is infront of that module. and the album list module would look just as neat as the rest of the foobar modules if it were that way also

Example two

on that one i'd like to highlight the difference in height between the "toolbar header that has no plugin loaded", the "tabs" module and the "toolbar with loaded plugins". all of them have 3 different height sizes.
i knwo, it may sound weird to argue about an toolbar header on which no actual plugin is loaded. you might think that i could just as easy just remove the toolbar header then. but for designing reasons, sometimes it looks neat to have an "header" to make the layout more unified altogether. because some modules have built in headers, and other dont.

i hope i explained it well, did as good as i can xD.

kindly regards.

btw: please update that foobar2000 @ android. simplify it. make at least an actual frontpage with only the essential functions to load and listen to music. put that tremendous settings menu a lil bit in the back.

anyhow, i still use it tho

edit: if you could make the button colors adjustable in the color menu, that would be just too good. i imagine this all could be easely implemented, but not a coder myself.

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