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bluetooth car radio


I've been using Foobar2000 to listen to some music on my smartphone through the car radio with bluetooth, and each time I cut off contact and then start again, the tune I was listening to starts from the begining again. So I always hear the same tune of my playlists or albums if I only make some short drives...

How can I fix this?

Re: bluetooth car radio

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Probably you cannot.
I have the same problem with my Toyota car.

If I start foobar (or any other player), advance the track to whatever position and then start the car, the track continues playing from that position.
The problem is the car shutdown. It is probably sending a "stop" signal, and that "stop" causes the playback to restart from the beginning on next start.

It is a pity, because I can pause the track from the car's player, so it could do that too when stopping the car, but it doesn't.

Re: bluetooth car radio

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Thank you for your answer JAZ!

I thought it was something with the car cabling, but when I tried listening to music with Spotify it happened to work it well. That's why I Have posted this message to get information from the developpement team if possible, or anyone who knows the issue...

Maybe you can try Spotify and see if your problem persists?...


Re: bluetooth car radio

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I installed Spotify some time ago and uninstalled it.
It was starting in place of my preferred application and I remember that it was playing the same song, but I can't be sure now if it was playing from the last place or not.
(Uninstallation wasn't perfect, since then the default player didn't want to start automatically. Recently it had some updates and seems to start automatically again)

Still, it might simply be a feature of the player. As an example, if you play a youtube video and quit when it hasn't finished, you can start it from where you were when open it again.
Spotify might do that.

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