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Version 1.5 beta change log

Beta 2
  • Fixed Selection Properties panel showing blank content in some cases.
  • Properties dialog: made some column widths remembered.
  • Properties dialog: made album art import/export dialogs begin in the folder of the audio file.
  • Properties dialog: restored sanity of Details group order.
  • Properties dialog: other minor fixes.
  • Screen reader compatibility fixes for new list controls
  • File Operations: fixed disappearing windows on Windows 10 1809 and newer.

Beta 3
  • Properties dialog: fixed crashing on single CPU core machines.
  • Properties dialog: tab order sanity fix.
  • Properties dialog: made '+ add new' field list autocomplete not exclude already-present fields.
  • File Operations: fixed crash bug related to delete command.
  • Made stack overflow crashes produce a crash report instead of just making foobar2000 die quietly.
  • Amended Enter key handling in various new list controls.
  • Screen reader compatibility fixes, made checkboxes in new list controls presented properly.
  • Experimental visual style changes on various new list controls.

Beta 4
  • Fixed beta 3 regression with wrong rendering of selection in some of list controls, most notably Default UI playlist.
  • Updated enter key handling in DSP Manager.
  • Experimental visual style changes on various new list controls.
Beta 5
  • Properties dialog: better auto sizing of columns in Metadata & Details.
  • Properties dialog: less glitchy embedding of tab content in tabs.
  • Properties dialog: re-styled '+ add new' button.
  • Restored enter key to open decoder configuration in Preferences / Decoding.
  • Fixed embedded cuesheet handling regressions (since 1.5 beta).
  • Screen reader compatibility fixes, made list group headers presented correctly.

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