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Topic: Is it allowed to help here for money? How about TOS? (Read 3509 times) previous topic - next topic
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Is it allowed to help here for money? How about TOS?

I have some questions coming from unexpected behavior of a user that asked me for a help.

What happened:
I received some PM, asking if certain plugin still works in fb2k v1.4. I answered accordingly to my best knowledge and own practice - as always. As always, just for own satisfaction. User answered asking me if he can "appreciate my help via PayPal". I was surprised. I had no doubts that it would be serious exaggeration to accept such proposal. After a while I said myself, that I expect that it would be even prohibited by site rules. I looked into TOS thread and I was surprised again, as there is no word about profit making / money making, coming from usage of this website - like asking for money after helping someone or similar activity.

So here are my questions:
Is it allowed to accept offered donations after helping someone on HA?
Is it allowed to ask for donations after successful help for other HA members?
Is any other profit oriented user activity allowed on HA?
Shouldn't it be clearly stated in TOS?

No, I am not going to start asking anybody for donations or even accept them once offered. I just see some unregulated and important area of user activities on this forum, especially in context of generally greedy nature of human species.

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