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Is there a plugin which supports mini mode?

My English is not so good, I don't know how to name it, but I mean I want foobar2000 to have the ability to switch between 2 display modes, one is the default interface as usual and the other is something I'll call mini mode. The mini mode will have very least features, such as not having menu bar, tool bar, metadata, album cover, etc. It has only very needed features... You get the idea. But it must have Visualizations feature.

Why I want that? Because I think foobar2000's Visualizations feature looks very cool, I want it to float on top of other windows while I'm working on them. It's entertainment, I think ^^

So, is there a component can help me to do so?


Re: Is there a plugin which supports mini mode?

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I use Columns UI with the Tabbed Panel Stack Mod.
In the Tabbed Panel Stack Mod I added a splitter and made my main layout. Then copied & pasted it again to the Tabbed Panel Stack Mod and simplified it. Hid the tabs bar (view > tabbed panel stack mod > show/hide tab) and added a button to cycle tabs.

I now have 2 different views and a button to switch between them.

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