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Convert mono to stereo

I have a bunch of old CBS Radio Mystery Theater MP3s that are monophonic.  When I first tried to play them in Foobar, the audio was only output from the left channel.  I then enabled the "Convert mono to stereo" DSP and restarted Foobar just to be safe.  The audio is still being output only from the left channel.

What do I need to do to get the audio to play through BOTH left and right channels?


Re: Convert mono to stereo

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that's odd, it's worked for me, are you sure it's in the active chain and you applied the changes? if you add reverse stereo channels does it switch?
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Re: Convert mono to stereo

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Figured it out!  I had added it and left it at the bottom of the chain.  When I moved it to the top, it was correctly playing through both speakers.  Strange.  I have three other DSPs in the list, but they were not enabled or visible, and they don't modify the audio stream, just display dynamic range measurements.  Anyway, it's working now.  Thanks for making me go back and play with the settings!

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