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Topic: No substitute for proper mic positioning? (Re: headsets, especially Bluetooth) (Read 517 times) previous topic - next topic
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No substitute for proper mic positioning? (Re: headsets, especially Bluetooth)

So something I've been annoyed about, that I haven't really heard anyone mention about this trend of "truly wireless" BT headsets, is that the mic(s) is/are pretty much on your ear(s). My thinking is that there really is no substitute for good mic placement even in headsets, and something like the wired Apple earpods' mic sounds a LOT better in calls, no matter how fancy the noise reduction algorithms and quantity of mics there are in the BT headset. And it's not just wired headsets, but also Bluetooth headsets which have wires and inline mics.

My experience is with a few Sony BT headsets. Even something as fancy as the WI-1000X, which has a huge neckband where they could easily have put a mic on, uses the noise-cancelling mics on the ears for calls. And it sounds awful. I guess if you speak loudly (and annoyingly to other people) it will work well enough.

Has anyone tested any of these BT headsets that actually don't compromise much on mic audio quality? I'm curious about how the Airpods fare on this, compared to wired or inline mics.

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