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Is there anyway to rate songs and sort by it's rate?

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foobar2000 can do this 2 ways:

Automatic Rating (based on listening behaviour -- i.e. rated according to what you actually like):

Manual Rating: (rated according to what you say you like):
Others will be more helpful than me. But with:
You simply right click track ? Playback Statistics > Rating > pick a number between 1 and 5.

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The other thing to consider is if you want to store your (manual) ratings in the media file tags or in a seperate database. If you install the above Playback Statistics (PS), it takes over the %rating% field and stores them in its own database. You might prefer this if you share music with other family accounts so they can have their own ratings, and just because ratings are subjective - your three star might be someone elses five star. ;)

In any case with PS installed, you would access database ratings with %rating%, and file tag ratings with $meta(rating).

If you want easy convenience to actually rate files, instead of using default playlist viewer, you might try SimPlaylist which has custom columns for ratings where you simply click the stars. Very useful. You can use either the 'Rating' column to tag files, or 'Rating DB' column to tag to PS database if also installed.

Then to sort tracks by rating, you would simply click the rating column. You could also make a grouping pattern to show tracks in a 5 star group, 4 star group, etc.

Otherwise ignoring all the above advice, you can use the old-fashioned method - just add a new column yourself, something like -
Code: [Select]

Then you would have to add the %rating% field to your files as well, with a value of 1 to 5. If you are not using PS, this could be automated using Masstagger component instead (available for keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons) ...

There are lots of ways to do stuff in foobar :D

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In that case I have to use columns UI right? Can I rate music on the columns instead of right click or any other way?

Do you have the way you explained? because I couldn't view it in my head or to do it

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No everything mentioned above is Default UI. You can only rate things by clicking the stars with SimPlaylist component (and I think EsPlaylist can as well but I'm not sure).

Do you know how to install components? Here is the quick guide.

After you download the component and install, you have to add it to your layout. Here is the guide for that.

Basically, you replace the default Playlist View with SimPlaylist. Go View menu > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode > right-click the Playlist Viewer > Replace UI Element > choose SimPlaylist > OK.

(Then switch off editing by clicking View menu > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode)

Now you can add columns you want by right-clicking the column titles, etc. Read the SimPlaylist documentation for help and screenshots.

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An alternate method I use  (requires some setup) is to use keyboard shortcuts (numpad) to rate your songs.

-First get foo_masstagger and install it.

-After install, you need rate scripts to rate your tracks but if I'm not mistaken these come standard with the component. Check by right clicking a track, select Tagging, select manage scripts. If you see something like "Rating= 1", "Rating = 2",.... you're good to go.
If not create a script by selecting "add", then "add value, set field name to RATING, set field value to 1, then save. Repeat for other rating values.

-Bind keyboard shortcuts to rating scripts: Go to foobar preferences, select keyboard shortcuts. Under the assigned shortcuts window select "add new". In the action window search for context/now playing-Tagging-Scripts. You should see your rating scripts. Select a rating script and bind it to the key you want. For example Rating= 1 to Ctrl numpad 1. Repeat for other ratings. Select global hotkey if you want to rate tracks when foobar doesn't have focus.

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