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Trouble importing playback statistics


I'm trying to change the 'Date Added' value of an album.

I used to be able to do this quite easily by creating a tag called 'ADDED' and putting something like '2015-07-07 18:13:32'. Then clicking 'Playback statistics > Import statistics from file tag'.

Recently, I'm having to do this multiple times before it changes, and now for one particular album i cannot get it to change at all. Does anyone know why this behaviour would have changed? Or am I doing something wrong?

The files are all flac.


Re: Trouble importing playback statistics

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There was a thread about this recently, FYI.

I'm not entirely sure you can change the dates to a newer value than the one in the statistics database. Have you tried using the reset statistics option first?

(Of course you should probably export to tags before that to at least backup the playcount, and/or make a backup of your foobar2000/index-data folder in case you inadvertently screw things up. ;) )

It is also possible that this used to work previously but a newer version of foobar has changed things.


Re: Trouble importing playback statistics

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Thanks for the reply.

It seems while I was messing around I've set the date to 2018 and imported it. This has lead to a date added of 1601-01-01 01:00:00!
This must be why im I'm unable to change it now, as every change has been to a newer value. Reset statistics only seems to reset playcounts, so I think i may be stuck.

Thanks anyway

Re: Trouble importing playback statistics

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Yep, this is why you should keep backups ;) - do you have any? (Another reason I use a portable install of foobar, easy to backup and move the whole folder to other PCs).

One other thing you could try is the right-click Copy/Paste Statistics (which says on the status bar that it overwrites statistics) - it might not work for dates either though.

Best of luck


Re: Trouble importing playback statistics

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I copied and pasted stastics from another album I added around the same time and it worked!
Thanks - and I've downloaded foo_jesus now so hopefully this wont happen in the future.

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