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Convert and export long FLAC as individual tracks?

Hey all, fairly new foobar2000 user here. I've done a bit of searching but can't seem to find an answer to my question. I have one long FLAC file which I'd like to export as individual tracks. I have the cue sheet and when I drag it into the foobar window along with the FLAC file, it shows the individual tracks; but when I try to convert and export as individual tracks I can't seem to get it to work. Am I trying to do something foobar was never intended to do? Otherwise, could someone give me a brief tutorial on the steps I need to take? Thanks.

Re: Convert and export long FLAC as individual tracks?

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Hey there,

You might want to install the free encoder pack to the same place you installed foobar, so it can find the encoders by itself. Not strictly necessary but quite useful.

The usual procedure is to drag the cue file to an empty playlist, select all the individual tracks and right-click > Convert > select '...' to bring up options > choose your Format (in this case you can "convert" FLAC to FLAC), Destination, Processing, etc (note after these options you have to click 'Back' button to return to the previous page; beware the 'Cancel' button which is on opposite side of normal Windows dialogs just to confuse you ;) ) > then 'Convert' button.

You should see the progress bar while foobar works on it. The playlist does not automatically update to show the new files, you will still be looking at the cue file playlist from before. You can remove that and find the new files in the destination folder you specified, or in your library if it was a monitored folder.


Re: Convert and export long FLAC as individual tracks?

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Thanks for the YouTube link but without audio I can't understand what's being shown.

anamorphic, I do have the encoder pack installed in my foobar2000 install directory. When I follow your steps I keep getting this error.

That one of the problems I was having before. There must be something I'm missing.

Re: Convert and export long FLAC as individual tracks?

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a) Make sure CUE and FLAC are in same folder.

b) CUE file might be pointing to wrong filename. Open the CUE file in Notepad (click and drag it). Check the line that says - FILE "filename.flac" WAVE - make sure the part in quotes matches the FLAC filename exactly. Save it and try again.


Re: Convert and export long FLAC as individual tracks?

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Yup it was pointing to the wrong file. Changed the cue sheet and now it's working like a charm. I started using foobar2000 awhile back to check dynamic range and I'm starting to appreciate it more all the time. Thanks for the help.   :D 

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