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Weird issue when editing meta tags

After applying new metatags to an audio file within Foobar everything switches to a last open app on my Windows 10. That's not quite a pleasure cause you'l need to manually get back to Foobar anytime there's another pack of files emptied of tags for me to edit.

This could be probably due to an another released update recently installed, as I haven't seen the above bug before. Not pretty sure whether that's caused by a 3-rd party plugin.

Any suggestions for that? Thanks..!

Re: Weird issue when editing meta tags

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It's a bug in latest Windows 10 version. There are a couple of threads about it related to foobar2000 but the same problem affects for example multiple dialogs in Windows itself too. There's a workaround for the issue in foobar2000 v1.4.1.

Re: Weird issue when editing meta tags

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Windows 10, "always beta". Or always alpha if you go into Windows Insider channel. Alpha version of Vista caused less problems for me, than any officially "stable" Windows 10. That's why I use Windows 7 and boot to 10 only when I want to play Forza. Which rarely occurs when I got Xbox...
What I have noticed on Windows 10 in case of audio is that sometimes I have to boot twice, because system has no sound in any app. Seems driver problem... It caused funny effects in foobar. It runs smoothly but playback is stuck. All analyzers plot their graphs but they stuck too. I can drag seekbar and see how they're all updated. And then it all stuck again when I release seekbar. It does not happen under Windows 7.

Re: Weird issue when editing meta tags

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You paying for extended support or something? Or do you just hate security updates that much?

Re: Weird issue when editing meta tags

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I just don't go to strange places on the Internet and use brain.
In case of updates on Win 10 - well, they are strongly annoying as they install whenever they want and then you may be forced to do restart at worst possible moment. Windows 7 always informed me, allowed to choose what and when to update and restart.

And I rarely have there (Win 7) system level problems with sound.


Re: Weird issue when editing meta tags

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Clearly, then, it should be the Year of the Linux Desktop any day now, as Microsoft continues with Footshot Syndrome. Or everyone who cares will continue to use outdated versions of Windows until Microsoft figures out a way to make those self-destruct.

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