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foobar2000 written in each trackname?


I have an issue, I use foobar to run an online radio and on each track name it is written [foobar2000] at the end of the track.
see a screenshot here :
I don't know how to fix this issue as "[foobar2000] isn't written anywhere in the music's properties.
I already used foobar before and never had this type of issue (I just installed foobar on a new computer)
Hopefully this already happened here and you guys will be able to find a way to help me out.

Thanks in advance,

Re: foobar2000 written in each trackname?

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The Default UI defaults to displaying the program name in the title bar. I'm not sure if I remember this being made configurable at some point.

Re: foobar2000 written in each trackname?

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Thanks for your reply, but I believe that it's configurable somewhere, or maybe reinstalling the program with a previous version would fix this issue? I'm honestly open to any idea
I use this software since 2 years on several computers and never had the "foobar2000" thing written on each track before

Re: foobar2000 written in each trackname?

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Preferences -> Display -> Default User Interface -> Window Title
There look for something like " %_foobar2000_version% " and delete it if you don't like it.

If you use any alternative UI you have to look for this setting on your own.

Re: foobar2000 written in each trackname?

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The text isn't in the song name. It's just hard-coded piece of identification string for window title. It's quite standard behavior with Windows software, you can see it with almost any bundled software like Notepad, Paint, Internet Explorer and bigger programs like Office.
The Default UI won't allow you to disable it, at least not with versions released this decade. But at least Columns UI doesn't force any strings in the titlebar.

Re: foobar2000 written in each trackname?

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You can't disable it but it can be pushed far enough to the right to be not visible.
Just append something like:
   $repeat( ,250)
to the end of the Window Title formatting string.

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