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5.1 channel to binaural converter

Deb installation files for DVDtoHP program (Linux 32 and 64 bits). This program converts audio files for listening with headphones. Original created for converting 5.1 audio files, but it also converts stereo files into binaural files. Every time I listen to music with headphones, I listen to files converted with this program. Most times I used it for normal stereo files, ripped from Cd's. It just sounds more natural! It has also a function for ripping audio from DVD’s (DTS and ac3).

Re: 5.1 channel to binaural converter

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Converted (to headphone file) part from DVD “Aero” (the DTS 5.1 file)from JM Jarre and the original part on the CD version. Listen to it with headphone. The CD version has unnatural stereo and is extreme compressed and has clipping. The converted DVD audio is much softer because there is no compression applied. It may be necessary to adjust volume to make a fair comparison. Louder is not the same as better (loudness war), but at first hearing louder seams better.
Why to headphone format? It is almost impossible to make a good down-mix from 6 to 2 stereo channels. There is always the compromise, what to do with the side/back channels. Making a binaural conversion avoids to making this compromise. This extreme example also makes clear what the problem is with headphone usage for stereo listening.


Re: 5.1 channel to binaural converter

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New version 3.1: Last version could only support stereo and 5.1 files. Now it also supports everything between stereo and 5.1, such as 5.0,4.0 and 3.0 . It is also very usable to convert unusual audio formats to normal stereo formats (16 bits, 44100 or 48000  Hz).

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