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Topic: v1.4 New folder and files, what are they exact? (Dumb question!) (Read 755 times) previous topic - next topic
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v1.4 New folder and files, what are they exact? (Dumb question!)

Hi, so I installed version 1.4 (man that was a lot of betas  :) ) and I noticed a new folder and a couple of files that are new to an install of foobar2000. What do they do exactly? I removed them all just to see, and everything still seems to be running fine with no ill effect...

runtime (folder)

So I guess I'm asking are they needed, what happens if they aren't there?

Re: v1.4 New folder and files, what are they exact? (Dumb question!)

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Apart from PP-UWP-Interop.dll they are Visual C runtime files. The PP-UWP dll is needed for communicating with Universal Volume Control feature in Windows.

If you have a portable install all the files are always extracted so the player works on all supported operating systems. On regular install the main Visual C dlls in the root are not installed if you have already installed the same or newer runtime system wide.

The runtime directory contains Universal CRT files, and it is normally always required and thus always installed. The files themselves are included by default in Windows 10 and by system-wide vcredist install, but the player uses a manifest trick to load them from a custom directory. Before OS does its internal caching launching the player with the directory missing would give an error.

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