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How do I create a playlist in Foobar2000

   People, don't know if I'm dumb or just uneducated but I can not figure out how to create a playlist from Foobar2000. The library is there and I can select and play a song but creating a playlist eludes me.

Re: How do I create a playlist in Foobar2000

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Hey there, foobar is sometimes not the most intuitive compared to other music players... :)

Firstly to make use of playlists it helps to have either Playlist Tabs or a Playlist Manager in your layout. You can access the pop-up version by View menu > Playlist Manager but that way is not ideal.

To make a playlist from the Library, you can right-click on the Artist / Album / Tracks you want > select Send to New Playlist. Or to make a brand new empty playlist, just hit File menu > New Playlist. Once you switch to that playlist (automatic) or start playing from it, it becomes the active playlist. Then you can right-click other items > Add to Current Playlist. You can also left-click hold and drag items to a playlist. You can also right-click copy/paste items as well. Finally, right-click on the playlist name in the Tab / Manager gives you options to rename and save, etc.

There are also Auto-Playlists which automatically add and update new tracks that appear in your library according to the defined search parameters. You cannot add specific tracks to these playlists, rather you just tell it what to add and it keeps things up-to-date for you. (I find it easier to manage Auto-Playlists if you are using a plug-in component like Facets)

Hope that helps 8)

Re: How do I create a playlist in Foobar2000

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Library -> Search
In media library search window search whatever you want to make a playlist out of.
Select ... button on the right.
Create playlist or autoplaylist. Autoplaylist will dynamically update according to your search parameter.

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