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Feature requests: selectable ReplayGain algorithm, dither type

First, I just want to say thanks for all the excellent work on the program, which I use every day.

Inspired by greynol, I installed the old foo_rgscan.dll file from fb2k 1.1.5 in order to try the original ReplayGain algorithm. I have only used it a short while so far, but I think I may already prefer it to the EBU R128 RG. However, I miss the newer features from the current RG component, like the oversample peak scan and advanced formatting results dialog.

So, would it possible to allow a user choice of which algorithm to use?

Similarly, I was wondering if a choice of dither method could be offered in the file converter. I would love if fb2k allowed a TPDF dither option in addition to the (I think) noise-shaped type it uses now.

Thanks for considering!

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