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Facets in Foobar2000

Hi !
I need help with the use of facets in Foobar.
Music is my favorite thing in life but I suck with informatics, so please be kind not to laugh about by pitiful skills  :-[
My problem seems very basic, but after years spent using foobar, I could not solve it yet.
My foobar layout looks like a list of albums, which is not very easy to use : the facet of the album I am playing is the only image that appears. I would like to see all facets, instead of my list of albums, to be able to choose what to play from images. Like this, for instance :

I know how to show the facets with Library/Facets, but don't know how to insert them in my layout...
Could someone help me with that, with a step-by-step how-to-do ?
It would really be of great use to me  O:)
Thanks a lot,

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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If you want the effect of same below ,I can help you,Please confirm.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Timsfong, that would be great.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hi there,

To get a Facets Albums view, right-click the 'Album' column title on the Facets pane > Display > select one of the three Album Art views. (Nice, eh?)

I would suggest reading the Facets documentation if you have not already. There are plenty of instructions there to digest. Following that there is the entire Facets discussion thread with questions and answers from people trying to figure this stuff out.

(I'm not trying to put you off or anything, just want to give you an overview of existing info 8) )

There is also documentation for the Foobar: Layout Editing Mode, which you would use to add Facets (and any other component) to your layout.

This can be tricky to learn. As it mentions, there are two ways to create layout - you can edit your current layout, which gives you limited ability to add stuff because sometimes you need more room for a new component. This is when you use the second method, the Scratchbox - it gives you a blank canvas to add/copy stuff while leaving your current layout intact, until you apply the new one, or cancel it. So you can safely muck around in the 'box until you are comfortable with your creation.

However, first I would suggest saving your current layout to a theme file. Click Library menu > Configure > Default User Interface > Export Theme button > OK > double-click the 'themes' folder > type a name and Save > OK to exit. Now you can come back to it anytime with the Import button under the same settings page.

Now hit View > Layout > Create Scratchbox and go mad. :D Think of this as moving square puzzle pieces around. You start with one empty box > left-click it > select Splitter (left/right) > OK. Now you have two boxes. Click again and add Splitter (top/bottom) - three boxes. Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to create as many as you want for the components you want in the arrangement you want. ;)

Click again and add Facets. Now you have a new Facets panel ready to configure - again, see the documentation link.

Finally, I should mention you can copy/paste existing panels from your current layout to save time configuring everything from scratch. Go back to foobar window and View > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode (note: this is a toggle on/off, you'll need to switch it off again later). Now you can right-click any panel and select Copy UI Element > go back to Scratchbox > right-click Paste UI Element. You should absolutely do this for ALL your current panels in foobar - tabs, playlists, viewers, etc - otherwise you have to recreate all title-formatting strings and such, no need to lose what knowledge you already have.

If you are happy with your creation, click Edit > Apply Layout. If not, just close it and go back to what you had before. (Remember to turn off Layout Editing Mode)

Well... That should get you started :D

Have fun foobar'ing! Best of luck!

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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The easy way,Please follow the image and enjoy.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hi you both,
Thank you very much for taking the time ! I'm going to try all this carefully, and come back to you soon.
I appreciate that you're also trying to help me understand how it works and where to find further information :)
Talk to you very soon,

PS : I couldn't find how send a picture of my current layout and show you how it evolves with your help. I can only add images from the web, can't copy/paste a screen capture, it seems.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Use the Windows Screen Cutting Tools,Please see the below:

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hi !
Timsfong, I've begun with your nice tutorial advices and reached this step : picture 1
It's already a great step for me :D
How do I make the facets pane bigger, higher ? Those limits between the elements don't seem to be moveable, even with layout mode enabled.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hi Anamorphic,
I've started following your advices, and I have finally discovered how to use the sandbox properly !! Here is were I am : picture 2
This is really a great step after years spent with a terrible layout. The current layout is already satisfying and I thank you a lot for that.
I still have a lot to learn and there are many things I wish to make better, but at least, now, I've begun to meet the power of Foobar.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Ok,first follow the image choose the layout,And then use the mouse move the windows edge.I hope you have a good time.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Understood TimsFong :)
After starting from a scratchbox, it also worked right away :)
Picture 3 : my current layout. This may seems nothing to you, but it's an achievement to me :D

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Understood TimsFong :)
After starting from a scratchbox, it also worked right away :)
Picture 3 : my current layout. This may seems nothing to you, but it's an achievement to me :D
I think must use Foobar2000V1.4beta20: THe windows edge can move.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hey @remiamy ,

I'm very glad you are finding your way and having fun with the foobar! It really is a fantastic app (though beware it can also suck away your time like a black hole :D )

Picture #3 is looking good! By the way, if you want to add even more elements, you can put them under tabs - twice the views in the same amount of space! 8)

Cheers to @TimsFong for helping with screens, too. I never thought of that.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hi !

I do have one more question : when I double-click on a facet, the album becomes the current playlist. But even with the shuffle (albums) option on, the playlist doesn't jump to another album : it keeps reading the same album again.

Is there a way to have it play a random album afterwards? In other terms, is there way that, when I double-click on a facet, foobar reads the album INSIDE the "All albums playlist", so that it will read a random album afterwards ?

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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Hi again, :)

Are you only selecting (double-clicking) on one album to play? Then it can only play the one album because that becomes the active playlist - which is how foobar works. What happens if you select "All (x albums)", or double-click on the Artist instead - that should play all albums by that artist, and shuffle accordingly.

(If I'm understanding you correctly?)

If you want a random album, you can make a button on the toolbar for Playback menu > Random. However if you want to pull from the entire library, then you need to select "All ..." for each facet first.

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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I believe we understood each other :)
I already have a random button, which is great !
What I wanted is not possible with a simple double-click, if I understood you. But that's ok, I can stand that, now that I have a wonderful facets-view, thanks to you and TimsFong :)

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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I forgot your screenshots. Do you only use the one facet pane? Are you using the search toolbar on source view: "Automatic"? If so, what if you made an auto-playlist for the entire library - when you switch to it, instead of library contents it shows playlist contents, so you can double-click an album in the playlist and still have the rest of the library to play on shuffle.

Downside - Facets does not highlight the next / playing album, only the one clicked on.  :-\

Re: Facets in Foobar2000

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That worked perfectly ! Thank you  :)

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